Dave Mamet is no slouch.  This is his second film - a buddy comedy from 1988 that is more solid and memorable than you remember.  Do you know who co-wrote this film?  Shel Silverstein.  

    Joe Mantegna plays a mob grunt in the penalty box for not taking orders and as penance must babysit an (seemingly) oblivious Sicilian immigrant (Don Ameche) whom his superiors have paid to take a fall for a mob boss soon to be fingered for a shooting. Mantegna is supposed to prepare Ameche for his court confession but he has problems taking orders, remember? He feels bad for the old Sicilian and takes him on a madcap Tahoe weekend full of changing fortunes and mistaken identity.  

    This film is pitch perfect.  Everything unfolds in surprising and satisfying ways. Mamet is a brilliant economist who gives you just what you need.  His material is never flabby.  He’s a mensch who works hard at his craft and this film will make you feel good.  Don Ameche was a titan.  Mamet is over 60 now and will kick your ass just for sneezing wrong, you brain-dead liberal.



    Hey I like this movie very much, y’see?  It is from 1996 and made by Jim Jarmusch’s protege and original DP Tom DiCillo.  John Turturro plays  a workaholic on a job very far away from his wife and son who is bad at math.  He is having a mid-life crisis when he hooks up with Sam Rockwell, a free spirit who lives off the grid.  They mostly hang out in Rockwell’s weird compound in the woods, barbecue, drink, swim and generally just bro it up as Turturro continually lies to his wife and extends his stay with Rockwell as he gradually learns to chill.  This is a movie about chilling.


    I would say this movie was forgotten in the tumult of quirky, mid ’90s mid-life crisis indie jams.  But Box of Moonlight goes deeper and keeps you warmer than any of that other pap. The wonderful Catherine Keener rounds out the cast.



    Social justice regurgitators will not like this film, as it is very “white” and “non-topical.”  Box of Moonlight is a feel good jam and a great 4th of July time movie.  Seek it out if or if not you think white people have become irrelevant.

  3. jamesfrancobs:

    “River and I would talk about getting old, being in our 50’s together, how it’d probably take us that long to get to work together. there was something gorgeous about us being old together. River will be missed — I mean now, more than ever I wish I could talk to him.”- Joaquin phoenix

    I don’t have any friends in the business. Just River. Oh where, oh where has my Juliet gone?” -  keanu reeves

    "When a role for a young guy is offered to me, I think of River Phoenix. It feels like a loss" - Leonardo DiCaprio

    "He was my brother and I loved him a great deal. It was just an awful, awful mistake. We fed off each other and learned a lot from each other." -  Michael Stipe

    “He was a great actor and a great young man; a great human being. He had a great family, a very level view of life, and a promising future” - Johnny Depp

    "River was one of those people that had that strange magic glow around them; he could drive you crazy, or make you fall in love with him, sometimes in the same minute. I remember knowing he was special when in the first days of filming explorers - we were staying in a motel outside of San Francisco, and I saw him practicing his character’s walk in the parking lot one of the mornings before shooting began. uncommon behavior for a 13-year old. he had a big, beautiful family, and was the first vegetarian i ever met."- Ethan hawke 

    " I’m obsessed with “my own private idaho”, I recently created a film called “my own private River,” I was able to give more emphasis to the essential beauty of phoenix and his work. phoenix in my remix film, now the significance of “idaho” has changed because River is gone, but you want him to just be there, you want him to keep going, you want to see what he can do, and you want to find all that is still alive and is still around that exists of him. consequently, those moments that would immediately pull you out of a normal film, pull you into this film—at least they pulled me in—because river is walking around, he is alive again. what I mean is that you just want anything you can have of him - James franco

    (via riverphoenixblog)


  4. breakfastineurope said: ive seen u on the harmony korine forums!

    Oh man I love that forum. The people there have listed so many good ones to seek out. 💃💃💃

  5. heidisaman:

    "The critics and the public wanted the pathos of M. Hulot’s Holiday and Mon oncle. They got Playtime, a comedy entirely devoted to space, in which Tati, as Hulot, hovers at the periphery of his own creation and has the elegance, which very few comedians share, not to put the spotlight on his own mug. The public and the critics turned against Tati. They were of course wrong, and the film is one of those few that get better by the year. It’s a silent film with sound; its color scheme is in a narrow band between gray and blue that aggressively underscores the painterly logic of Tati’s conceit. The film gives itself the luxury to reinvent choreography and as such dazzles with the megalomania of its enterprise and the diabolical precision the filmmaker had to conjure up to pull it off.”

    — Jean-Pierre Gorin on Tati’s Playtime 

    Still from Playtime (1967, dir. Jacques Tati)


  6. "Cinema is a composite art into which you can include all conceivable art or entertainment forms. In film, I can work with novelistic elements, comedy, drama, music, and other forms of entertainment. Film is a versatile expression, combining all elements into one art form."
    — Takeshi Kitano (via communicants)


    (via iwanttobelikearollingstone)


  7. "[“Nashville” is] the ultimate, sprawling ensemble Altman film — the way each character has their own story to such a degree, and he pulls it all together. It has these thrilling moments, these funny moments. The music is both very moving and satirical, funny and beautiful too. Keith Carradine’s song, “I’m Easy,” is a beautiful song, and some of the other songs like “200 Years” by Henry Gibson is hilarious. It’s just ridiculous. So, that you could have all of this go into one big collage where you have realism, satire, romance — it’s all there — is quite a feat. And I actually saw this when I was a teenager — fourteen or fifteen — and I was bored. I didn’t really understand what I was watching, but I saw it a little bit later, and it kicked off something else in me."

    Richard Linklater, talking to Rotten Tomatoes about his Five Favorite Movies.

    P.S. Go see Boyhood.

    (via fuckyeahrobertaltman)
  8. I was determined to detach myself from commercial filmmaking. I think its important for us to realize where our values lie, only if you understand your own work very clearly can you understand where you are. I personally have gone to the streets and sold tickets, I’m trying very hard to combat [the mainstream], otherwise we will only have Hollywood and McDonald’s in this world. Otherwise we’d only have genre films; film would only be one thing. — Tsai Ming-liang


    (Source: strangewood, via filmslutch)

  9. Mauvais Sang dedication (flashes for under 1 second)
    Les Amants du Pont Neuf
    Pola X
    Holy Motors


    Les Amants du Pont Neuf

    After the last end title, during a fraction of a second, there is a handwritten inscription “à Luje - Amour - A.” (To Luje - Love - A.) A. stands for Alexandre (Leos Carax’ real first name) and Luje for Juliette (Binoche).



  10. filmslutch:


    I always hoped that the audience would find these small, subtle details in my movies because you don’t see them elsewhere in other movies. Movies nowadays are all about stories. They’re in a hurry to impress you with a storyline. Within your lifetime you have to hear thousands and thousands…